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Toutle, WA
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Address: S Toutle Rd
Toutle, Washington 98649

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Event Activities:

  • Race
  • Swap Meet

The Hot Rod Eruption is a chance to get your traditionally styled hot rod or custom out on the track and do some heads up racing. Riverdale Raceway is a 1/8th mile outlaw track. Your ride will have to pass a basic safety inspection (you'll need a radiator catch can, seat belts, no fluid leaks...) and you'll need a helmet if you are running an open car or motorcycle/mini-bike. The track is VERY rustic. It’s a paved track with a starting line and that’s about it. Dirt pits, dirt return road, dirt/grass spectator area, the only power is from a generator and it’s just enough to run the timing shack and a PA. It might get windy, it might get dusty. We'll run the water trucks as much as possible to keep the dust down. There will be porta-potties.

There is a strict "No Engines After 10 pm" rule at the track. It may look like its out in the middle of nowhere, but there are houses within earshot.

There will be PLENTY of time to rev engines, burnout and race on Sunday. Save it for then.

You will also need to bring your willingness to have a good time. This is all about getting to run your cars on a track. It’s not going to be a heavily organized, sanctioned event. Its about lining up next to another car and throwing down. No bracket racing, heads up only. You can make passes until you break something or just get tired.


Vehicle Types
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