Hot Rod Dirt Drags

Monte Vista, CO
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Address: Movie Manor

Monte Vista, Colorado 81144




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  • Outdoor Show

With a yearning to relive the early 50’s, the pioneering days of drag racing history, Nick’s feet hit the street on a hunt for an abandoned WWII airstrip. He found it all right. The air strip is nestled on the southern border of Colorado, in the town of Monte Vista. For 60 years the town has been home to the Movie Manor drive-in theater, but that’s just the chrome on the axle. The dirt airstrip behind the Manor is what Nick was after. The airstrip was carved into the valley in 1931. It served as an auxiliary airfield during the war, and during the 1980’s hibernation set in.

We are pulling the plug for 2021!  There are too many stars out of whack.  We are looking at several different potential venues for June of 2022.  Good works are in the work!

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