Ultra4 Racing | Ridgecrest OHV – Ridgecrest, CA – Western Series

Ridgecrest, CA Dates: 08/10/2018 ‐ 08/11/2018
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Ridgecrest, CA

Phone: 949-295-2676

Email: Shannon@ultra4racing.com

Website: https://ultra4racing.com/


Dates: 08/10/2018 ‐ 08/11/2018

Event Activities:

  • Hill Climb
  • Race
  • Rock Crawling

For the last race of the 2018 Western Series, we have our sights set on Ridgecrest OHV Area. During the heat of the summer, the race at Ridgecrest will be at night (lights are required!) on OHV land with terrain that rivals The Hammers. Drivers can expect a combination of open-desert sections and rock obstacles, very similar to Johnson Valley!

We love racing on public land and this year, we'll get that opportunity once again at Ridgecrest OHV Area. Part of the California OHV system, Ridgecrest promises vast desert terrain with plenty of rock obstacles thrown in.

Vehicle Types
  • American
  • Asian
  • Australian
  • European