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The Hot Rod and Restoration business has become a very large industry. With all the excitement the media has brought forth lately, the great American pastime has become big business. Hot Rod shops all over the nation have the need for highly qualified technicians.

After 30 years of post-secondary educational experience, constantly updating curriculum, I have started the Hot Rod Institute. I have worked with WyoTech for 15 years; starting their street rod program in 1993. I also worked with VC Tech in Alabama for 4 years; developing the Hot Rod, Custom Motorcycle, and Custom Paint programs in 2003. In 2008 I decided to step out from under the large corporate, educational umbrella and start a school specializing solely in Hot Rod and Muscle Car Restoration. The specialty car industry is an ever changing industry and the curriculum needs to keep up with these changes.

There are other post secondary schools that offer specialty classes to their students whom have completed their core automotive program. Those schools use the specialty classes to attract the students to their facilities - that’s fine, if you want to go into the collision or automotive repair industry. Like I said before we train students in Hot Rods & Custom Motorcycles only, at a reasonable cost to the student.

The intent of Hot Rod Institute is to give the student a very strong basic and advanced fabrication back ground into the world of custom cars or custom motorcycle fabrication. That would include the entire vehicle, not just some sheet metal panel or suspension modifications.

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