1966 Chevrolet Chevelle – @thatyellowchevelle AKA Cream Corn

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 29047
Year: 1966
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Chevelle
Markets: Classic & Antique, Muscle Car, Performance, Pro-Touring, Racing
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: Justin Nall


Technical Details:


Year/Make:  1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

Current mileage: Unknown



Make/year: 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 6.0 LQ4

Stock  cid:  364 ci

Current cid: 364 ci

Bore/Stroke: Stock

Crankshaft: Stock

Pistons: Wiseco Forged Flat Top

Connecting rods: Callies H-beam

Compression ratio: 10.3:1 Static

Engine built by:  Jakson Stevens                     of (city/state):  Rousemount, MN

Machine work (be as specific as possible):  Hone/Clean/Deburr


Name of shop (city & state): TPIS ( Tuned Port Induction Specialties) Chaska, MN

Oil pan:­ 2002 Camaro f-body pan

Oil pump:  Melling Replacement

Other modifications (windage tray/lower support):  Crank scraper ( Ishihara-Johnson), Improved Racing oil pan baffle and Pickup tube support


Camshaft make: Comp Cams

Solid or Hydrualic: Hydraulic

Duration @ .050 in/ex: 234 /230

Lift @ .050 in/ex:   .598 /.591

LSA: 116


Cylinder heads make/type: GM LS6 Castings

Material: Alum

Heads built by:  Jakson Stevens  of (city/state):  Rosemount, MN

Machine work:  Next Gen Performange CNC ported and valve job


Intake valves make/size:      Stock

Exhaust valves make/size:   Stock


Rocker arms: Stock with Straub Technologies Trunion upgrade

Rocker ratio: Stock



VCM: GM GenIII “411” Computer HPtuners 3 bar OS

Engine tuner:      Carl Thomas          of (city/state):  St Paul, MN

Injector size: 210lb Fuel Injector Connection

Pump(s):  Magnafuel 4303

Regulator: Aeromotive

Pressure: 58psi boost referenced

Intake manifold: Edelbrock Pro Flo LS1 with Fuel rails

Air filter:  AFE 5.5 inch Cone filter on Turbo

Throttle body make/size: Stock

Mass air meter/Map Sensor:  3 Bar GM

Other induction modifications (be as specific as possible):

Coil: Stock Coil-near-Plug


Wires:  Stock

Plugs: BR7EF NGK


Headers: Stock Truck Manifolds modified with V-band flanges

Mufflers: Single Dynatech 4 inch in/out

Pipe size: 4 inch




Turbocharger System: Custom built by owner.  Truck manifolds with v and flanges.  2.25 inch crossover pipe. T4 flange

Turbocharger model: Work Turbo Built Borg Warner S480 Billet Compressor T4 1.15 AR exhaust housing

Blow-off valve: JGS 50mm

Wastegate: JGS 50mm recirculated to downpipe

Boost level: 15psi-20psi depending on boost controller capable to 25psi

Intercooler:  Treadstone 9 inch tall 3.5 inch thick vertical flow front mounted

Hotside Piping size: 2.25 crossover 4 inch downpipe T4

Coldside Piping size: 3 inch aluminum piping

Downpipe: 4 inch with QP 4 inch cutout



Type: GM 4l80E

Converter: PTC Single Disc Lockup

Flexplate/Flywheel: Stock

Shifter: Stock floor shift console with Shiftworks conversion kit for 4l80e

Stall speed: unknown ~3400

Cooler: Bar and Plate cooler with Fan mounted under car with PTFE 6 AN lines and In/out temperature sensors

Driveshaft: 3.5 inch Aluminum 1350 joints. Forged 12 bolt yoke, Chomoly sonnax slip yoke built by JR Advanced Driveline in Chippewa Falls, WI

Shift Kit: CK performance separator plate kit

Safety loop: Custom built

Other Trans modifications:  CK performance 36 element sprag updgrade

Trans built by John Freuler of Lakeville, MN



Stock GM 12 Bolt

Gears: Nitro Gear 3.31 ratio

Axles: Strange 1541 Chromoly replacement

Spool: Stock Eaton posi unit rebuilt/shimmed with heavy pre-load springs



Front Upper/Lower control arms: UMI Performance Cornermax Handling Kit

Front Shocks: Viking Performance Double adjustable with Crusader Pro-touring valving

Front Springs: 850lb Viking Performance

Steering Box: Delphi 670 series 12.7:1 Box

Sway Bar: UMI

Other front suspension mods: UMI Performance true-coilover mount, Custom Front chassis brace, Proforged steering components and UMI Performance Bump Steer kit.

Rear Upper/Lower control arms: UMI Performance Double Adjustable Upper/lower arms with Roto-joints

Rear Shocks: Viking Performance Double adjustable with Crusader Pro-touring valving

Rear Springs: 400lb Viking performance with Hyperco takeup spring for lower ride height

Sway Bar: UMI Pro Touring bar

Other rear mods: CPP control arm braces, Custom upper coilover frame brace. Custom delrin body/frame bushings.



Front: Replica BMW M-Parallel 18x9.5

Rear: Replica BMW M-Parallel 18x9.5

Tires: Bridgestone RE71 275/35/18 Front and Rear



Front: CPP aluminum hubs with ½ inch wheel studs.  C5 12.88 inch rotor, Camaro LS1 calipers with custom brackets Hawk HP+ pads, Wilwood 7/8 manual master cylinder

Rear: Camaro LS1 with Hawk HP+ pads ½ inch wheel studs



Original/Current color: Original Lemonwood Yellow

What condition was it in: Original condition

Body Modifications: none

Hood: Stock hood fitting with Lumina Z34 vents for heat extraction.  Vinyl wrapped matte black

Spoiler: Front custom ABS plastic spoiler



Upholstry: Stock interior Corbeau FX1 Seats

Safety equipment: Schroth 4 point harnesses

Other interior Mods: Generator light wiried to check engine light, Custom fire extinguisher mount with quick release, Ididit tilt steering column, Sparco steering wheel

Gauges: Eboost2 boost controller/gauge, AEM wideband, Autometer oil pressure, voltage, Trans temperature, Ultragauge OBD2 scan gauge for all engine parameters, Tablet and GPS for Datalogging and track videos



Best quartermile ET: 10.97

MPH: 138

60ft. time:  1.9

Horsepower:   921WHP

Torque:  780 Wtq



The Chevelle was bought by my family when I was 2 or 3 years old.  The car was originally a 283 3 speed manual car. It was not until the current teardown and LS swap build that we found out it was originally a 3 speed manual 283 car as it was a 350 powerglide setup during purchase. While growing up we would use the car to take to cruises, the drag strip and road trips to visit family.  We were not afraid to drive it in inclment weather. The chevelle had housed a couple different small block chevys before the LS swap began.  I started driving a GMC Typhoon in high school, so the Chevelle was put on the back burner while I cut my teeth on Turbo EFI stuff on the Typhoon.  In that time, the 355 was swapped out into another car and left the chevelle sitting for about 6 years.  When I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree, we quickly took action on the plans to perform a LS Turbo install.  My prior experience with Turbos helped convince the family this was the way to go for “reliability” and power. LS engines were gaining in popularity, and wrecked trucks were looking appealing for their drivetrain.

I leaned on a friend Jeff Jost to help with all the LS swap questions and also spent lots of time on LS1tech.com looking for inspiration and cheap 2nd hand parts.  We sourced 90% of all the speed parts used from that site.  I bought my first welder and learned how to rework a efi wiring harness during this process.  We tried to do most all the work in-house to be able to learn more but did have to source out help with tuning and transmission work.  It took about 2 years and importantly 2 long winters to complete the car from a rolling chassis to running and driving.  The car just put down a good 600whp on the first tuning sessions.  I was introduced to Autocross and some HPDE days the first year of getting the Chevelle up and running.  Needless to say I was hooked.  We have spent the last 4-5 years upgrading the chassis and suspension to handle the big power as well as make the car turn left and right.  UMI Performance and Viking Performance are key pieces to this puzzle on putting the power down and making this big car turn.  The engine was upgraded from the stock junkyard motor over the years to a more reliable setup as configured today.  Power have slowly worked its way up from 600WHp in the beginning to 921 WHp now on E85.  It has a 1000whp capable setup, but we have not leaned on the tune yet.


2018 Accomplishments:

Goodguys Autocross Street Machine Class Winner- Des Moines

Goodguys 11th Qualifier for Duel in Des Moines Shootout

Street Machine Nationals Street Machine Challenge Winner

UMI Performange Autocross Challenge Winner

CVSCC Autocross CAM-T Winner

Amery Airport Radar Run Winner 2X

Midwest Musclecar Challenge 7th Place Vintage



I would like to thank the following people for the help along the way.  The family and friendships made are unvaluable. George and Miriam Nall (mom and dad),  Sheryl Nall(wife), and Hudson(future chevelle owner), for keeping the car in the family and continuing to make memories with it.  They all put up with long weekends at shows and events locally and across country.

Chris and Christie King from Viking Peformance, Ryan Kirkwood from UMI Performance for all their help to make this thing handle.

Also thanks to all the work and support from friends for keeping the car running and constantly improving.



Anything else:  Keep track of the build with additional upgrades and changes on instagram @thatyellowchevelle