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1968 Dodge Series D

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 12520
Year: 1968
Make: Dodge
Model: Series D
Markets: Driven Daily, Rod & Custom
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: Welder Series Inc.



Vehicle Story

I first saw this truck almost 10 years ago at my chiropractor's adventure farm. We'd take our (then) two year old to see his animals, corn maze, and other fun outdoor activities. I didn't know what it was at the time, but I liked the body lines.

I'd be exaggerating if I said I asked him about it every appointment, but it was probably close! I gave it a break recently (for a few visits anyways), and then out of the blue he asked if I was still interested! I'd been asking for so long that I wasn't sure if he was joking, but he had recently sold his farm and didn't have the same amount of space to store stuff like pickup trucks. A few nights later, I went down to have a look. I had a few items on my mental checklist... good interior, decent body, good frame. I didn't want to do any interior work, zero body/paint work, and the frame had to be good because I was going to be installing our chassis parts and I needed a good foundation. A bonus was that someone had installed a 318 at some point, and once it had a bit of gas in the tank it fired up and ran great.

The plan for this truck is to install a Welder Series Mustang II crossmember in the front, a four link (triangulated or parallel... haven't completely decided yet) in the rear, our Chrysler motor mount kit, and various other parts in between.

You can follow the build on our website: http://welderseries.com/category/shop-truck/

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