2002 Chevrolet Corvette – CAM-S National Champion C5Z

Project Quick Facts

Profile ID: 15197
Year: 2002
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Markets: Performance, Racing, Sports Car
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: Eric Brown


My name is Eric Brown and I have been an active SCCA autocrosser since 2002 when I got my free SCCA Membership when I bought a new Subaru WRX.    Throughout the last 15 or so years I have owned a lot of cars.  All very different.

I started with the WRX which I raced in STX (new class at the time) then modified into Street Mod. Sadly the WRX met its end in a pretty nasty t-bone accident leaving the Subway outside of the Peru Champ Tour in 2004.  After that I bought an e30 BMW which was fun, but too slow, so I bought a E36 M3 that was built for Street Mod as well.  It was a fun car, but a massive money pit, and I promised it would be my last German car.  I do not like CELs that much.  After the M3 I got a Mini Cooper that I raced in HS.  It was fun, but ultimately too slow. I started co-driving a CS Miata before taking a short break and making my return to AutoX in a new Subaru BRZ.  Loved that car, but also too slow, sold it and bought a C6 Z06....definitely fast enough, but back into the money pit world.  So off it went and replaced it with a Ford Focus ST which was great until I came across a great deal on a STS Civic Si. Loved the Civic it was a great autox car but I was yearning again for fast RWD fun.  Then came a great deal on a 2002 C5 Z06 set up for A Street class.  I jumped on it fell in love with the C5 platform.  Like every car before it though, I couldn't keep it stock, I just like to tinker.  So the modifications begin innocent enough with a new seat and steering wheel.

Then over the winter, I got serious with adding more power and handling upgrades.

Current Build sheet

  • 2002 Corvette Z06
    • Suspension
      • LG G2 Coilovers (custom valved Bilstein shocks with hyperco springs)
      • Borg Motorsports delrin bushings throughout
      • LG Motorsports rear trailing arm and bumpsteer kit
      • Stranoparts.com 1-3/8" tubular front sway bar w/ White Line end links
      • Stranoparts.com  1" tubular adjustable rear sway bar w/ White Line end links
      • SKF wheel bearings with ARP extended studs
    • Engine/Powertrain
      • WeaponX Motorsports built LS6 putting down 495 whp on their Mustang Dyno
        • CNC Headwork by BES Racing Engines with all new valvetrain, ARP hardware, and Comp Cams rocker arm trunion upgrade
        • Custom grind Brian Tooley Racing camshaft focusing on top end power where it is needed
        • Melling high pressure oil pump
        • Deatschwerks 42lb Injectors
        • Ported LS2 Throttle Body
        • Lingenfelter engine oil cooler
      • FAST 92mm Intake Manifold
      • Vararam Air Intake
      • Texas Speed longtube headers and x-pipe
      • Borla S-Type catback exhaust or OEM titanium axle back where sound requirements need to be met
    • Custom Built Forgestar CF5 18x11 Front and 18x12 Rear Wheels
    • BF Goodrich Rival-S Tires (315/30/18 Front and 335/30/18 Rear)
    • LotharFab rear spoiler
    • NRG drivers seat and Kirkey aluminum passenger seat
    • NRG Quick Release hub and steering wheel
    • DEPO fixed headlights
    • Optima red top battery
    • Custom built harness bar
    • Schroth Profi Harnesses
    • Suspension set-up and alignment by Evolution Autosport in Louisville, KY

Competition Results


Blytheville Pro Solo - 2nd place in CAM-S out of 14, 17th in Super Challenge, 52nd on Index out of 206 (Trophied)

Peru Match Tour - 4th out of 12 in CAM-S (Trophied)

Toledo Pro Solo - 3rd and 4th in CAM with my co-driver  (Trophied)

Bristol Champ Tour - 1st and 2nd in CAM-S with my co-driver (Trophied)

Bristol Match Tour - 2nd and 3rd in CAM-S with my co-driver (Trophied)

Toledo Champ Tour - 1st place in CAM-S (Trophied)

 Oscoda Pro Solo - 2nd Place in CAM  (Trophied)

Pro Solo Finale - 3rd Place in CAM, Overall CAM-S season points champion (Trophied)

SCCA National Championships - 2017 CAM-S National Champion!  (Trophied)


Charlotte Match Tour - 2nd and 3rd Place in CAM-S with co-driver (Trophied)

Blytheville Pro Solo - 4th in CAM-S (Trophied)

Midwest Muscle Car Challenge - Won Late Model AutoX shootout, 5th fastest time in AutoX challenge, 15/52 in Hot Lap Challenge

Peru Champ Tour - 1st Place!  (Trophied)


Bristol Match Tour

Bristol Champ Tour

Oscoda Pro solo

CAM Challenge East at Peru

SCCA Pro Finale

SCCA National Championships