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Started in January 2007, LSX TV is the #1 magazine focusing on late-model GM and LSX performance. From the original LS1 powerplant that started the small-block revolution in 1997 to the latest LSX, Gen V LT1 and LT4, LSX TV covers every aspect of modern GM vehicles. On LSX TV, you'll find everything from Camaros, Corvettes, Cadillacs and GM Trucks, to LS swaps into classic muscle cars.

LSX TV is the Internet’s leading LS-powered muscle car enthusiast online publication. This all-digital magazine is aimed at those who love all machines motivated by General Motor’s latest creation, the LS powerplant. Fuel injected, supercharged, nitrous-fed, or sporting a turbo, if it makes power, it’s all good. LSX TV features the latest in up-to-the-minute industry news, in depth technical articles and installation how-to’s, and nation-wide coverage.

Providing readers all the hard-hitting content of today’s print publications with none of the cost or out-dated news, LSX TV is completely free and is updated throughout the day! If you’re a modern GM muscle enthusiast, LSX TV is the place for you!

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