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Firebaugh, CA
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So, where to begin? I am sure most people know that me and a partner bought out and took over Billetproof in late 2019. We had such grand plans for its future and expansion and vigorously went to work investing time and money, putting together the monumental checklist of items necessary to pull off successful events in 7 locations across the country. Roughly 5 months later, 45 days before our first event, with many dates and locations set, contracts, insurances, and business underway, and even a third partner taken on board, talk of a new Pandemic began to stir. One by one we helplessly watched as our venues were closed and our events canceled, and so in 2020, as was the case for all other events, there was no Billetproof events.

​As 2020 came to an end, with caution we began planning for the possibility of 2021 events. Having lost a significant amount of money on canceled events in ’20 we scaled back, hoping to possibly do just the 4 primary events we had always done for ’21 and for a moment it appeared that we would be able to pull off at least 2 of them. But, with mandates and rules that were at the time changing almost weekly, venue closures and a significant amount of the public for good reason fearful, it became clear by mid-summer along with the new Delta variant showing up, that 2021 was going to be the same as ’20, no events. Along the way, having invested time and money into such a losing battle, my partners bailed out leaving me alone to make sure everyone was informed, refunded and kept happy, who had planned on attending the few remaining events we could not produce. '20 was a bust, ’21 was a bust. and...

​So, for the past 2 months I have been trying to decide what to do for ‘22. As everyone likely knows these events take substancial investment and planning many, many months (or even years) in advance, November/December is the very latest to commit to doing events the flowing March/April and I actually have a few California and Washington venues and dates for ‘22 in place but, with the newest virus variant now making the news and unpredictable new rules and mandates already being put in place in these states where my 4 primary shows take place, chances of success in ’22 already seem bleak. It would be financially foolish to make this same gamble a third consecutive time for 2022 and frankly I believe it would be frustrating for our Billetproof friends to once again register and plan for events that evaporate at the last minute.

​And so with great disappointment I simply do not see an alternative other than to officially put Billetproof on hold again for 2022. At least for now and at least as a full blown event that would be the expected Billetproof. In 2020 some of our events were considered “too big” to have during these current pandemic times, yet Private, invitational type events took place on our dates at our venues anyway, and then took place again in 2021 and so, perhaps I will make Billetproof into something more like that for 2022, smaller, invitational, private, etc… anything is possible I suppose. But those are decisions that I will have to make months from now as these newest issues unfold.

Until more is known or decided I want to again thank each and every one of you that have supported Billetproof through out the past 25 years, Billetproof will return at some point. I hope all of you and your families have made it through these uncertain times well and continue to stay safe and healthy, and happy.


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