C10 Nationals Nashville 2023

Nashville, TX Dates: 09/29/2023 ‐ 09/30/2023
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Address: Nashville Superspeedway
4847-F McCrary Rd
Nashville, TX 37090

Phone: 682-444-0033

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://c10nationals.com/schedule-nashville/


Dates: 09/29/2023 ‐ 09/30/2023

Event Activities:

  • Autocross
  • Awards
  • Drag Race
  • Race
  • Swap Meet

C10 Nationals is hosted at the largest venue of all the C10 events, Nashville Super Speedway.  This allows the show to also have events for spectators to watch, or even participate.

This truck show will bring out the best of the best but that should not discourage you from bringing your ride.  So, get your truck running and stopping and Run What You Brung.

  • Details: Awards will be given out for the truck show( 35), autocross (7), drag race (4), burn out competition (3), and dyno challenge (2).
  • Major Sponsors: Classic Parts, Classic Performance Parts, American Powertrain, Dakota Digital, Summit Racing
Vehicle Types
  • American