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JRi Shocks was founded in 2007 by some of the most legendary innovators in motorsports to produce the world’s most technologically advance, highest performance suspension systems.

Race Proven Design
Race Proven designs have allowed JRi to successfully implement the highest performance, most durable technology into all vehicle platforms, including racing, OEM needs, other transportation platforms (planes, boats, trains, etc), bio-mechnaical/cyborg devices as well as numerous applications within the defense/Military sector. JRi Shocks is an engineering-led company with over 300 combined years of collective racing and manufacturing experience amongst our employees. JRi focusses on providing the best design, parts, and service in the business which in turn creates the best suspension in the world.

We live in the racing world, which requires JRi to be on the forefront of technological advancements and offer the best to customers before competitors can get their designs off the drawing board. Some of those include our brand new electronically controlled shock systems which allow the user to tune their suspension on the fly with the press of a button or even from their smart phone. You’ll find products which have been expertly designed, rigorously tested and race proven by some of the greatest names in the racing and performance world such as Detroit Speed, Riley Technologies, Joe Gibbs Racing, Cagnazzi Racing and countless others.

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