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Founded on January 1, 1986, Royal Purple manufactures high performance lubricants for most automotive, industrial, marine, motorcycle and racing applications. It is considered the best synthetic motor oil by many end users.

Royal Purple synthetic oil and synthetic lubricants are formulated to maximize performance in real-world applications.

Numerous independent parties report performance gains by using Royal Purple lubricants.

Additive technologies, such as Synerlec®, enable Royal Purple synthetic products to outperform leading synthetic and conventional lubricants. These unique chemistries strengthen the base oil for improved performance.


  • Synthetic Motor Oil - SAE SN High Performance Street oil
  • Filter
  • Break In Oil
  • Racing Oil (XPR)
  • Max Gear, Synchromax
  • Max ATF
  • Royal Flush
  • Purple Ice
  • Max EZ, Ultra-Performance Grease
  • MaxFilm
  • Max-Tuff
  • HP 2-C
  • XPR 2-C
  • Max Cycle
  • Max-Chain
  • Nitro Racing Oil
  • Racing ATF
  • Snow 2-C
  • Gun Oil
  • Synfilm Recip. 100
  • HPS Motor Oil Series
  • HPM Marine products
  • 0W-20
  • Max-Clean
  • Max-Boost
  • Max-Tane
  • Max-Atomizer
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