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1967-’72 C10 Cluster with Info Screen Speedo

New Product   |   Posted: 04/30/2020
Posted by: Classic Instruments


Classic Instruments is pleased to announce the release of a new version of its popular 1967-’72 Truck cluster which includes their all-new speedometer with an OLED information screen. This new combination features all the great aspects of the original cluster and is available on the seven different performance design styles of the cluster.

The all-new hybrid speedometer successfully melds the nostalgic taste of analog gauges with the modern convenience of a digital readout. The new screen offers the end-user the ability to display an odometer, which “rolls” just like a traditional mechanical odometer, a digital speed readout in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour, as well as a trip meter. Additionally, the user can select whether the display uses English or Metric units and each new speedometer is equipped with a step-by-step calibration mode and enhanced diagnostic features.

The 1967-’72 cluster features the 4 5/8" Information Screen Speedometer and a 4 5/8" tachometer, 3 3/8" Clock, and 2 1/8" Fuel (0-90 OHM), Oil, Temp, and Volt gauges. A blue LED high beam indicator is installed in the speedometer. The set includes the dash bezel, pre-wired electrical connections, mounting hardware, all necessary sending units except for the fuel sender, and a wiring harness constructed of automotive grade TXL wire, machine-crimped terminals, tech-flex sleeving, and Molex main connectors. It is equipped with our ZST™ and works directly with ECM or VSS signals so no additional control box is needed.

This new truck cluster equipped with Classic Instruments’ Information Screen Speedometer can be purchased from Classic Instruments direct or through any one of its authorized dealers.

Classic Instruments has been handcrafting in America since 1977. The company offers a full line of catalog order instrumentation for a wide range of Ford and Chevy model cars and pick-up trucks, plus over 100 universal fit instruments. The Classic Instruments’ line also includes many specialty items such as performance series instruments, Zeus speedometer technology, and Fuel-Link. Classic Instruments can build virtually anything through their dedicated Instrument Customization Unit. Whether it’s a direct-fit set, retro-fit, or complete custom their team is ready to help add The Finishing Touch to any project.

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