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2018 Jeep Wangler JL – Serious Performance Extreme™ Axle Set for the Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator

New Product   |   Posted: 04/26/2022
Posted by: Dynatrac Confidence to Explore

Dynatrac Bundles its Toughest 5-Lug Off-Road Axles in the New
Serious Performance Extreme™ Axle Set for the Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator


  • First-of-its-kind axle set combines Dynatrac ProFloat XD60™ rear axle with Dynatrac ProRock 44™ front axle
  • The two industry-leading axles equal unparalleled strength and weight savings in a cost-effective package
  • Patented ProRock® axle design provides best-in-class ground clearance
  • ProRock 44 axle features exclusive 60-class shaft and axle joints, and eliminates OEM front-axle disconnect
  • Retains current wheels and provides 40-inch-tall tire capability
  • Available for 2018-present Jeep Wrangler JL and 2020-present Gladiator
  • All U.S.-made materials, labor and engineering


Huntington Beach – Dynatrac has taken two of its legendary off-road axles and combined them into one unique, cost-effective package for the Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator. The Dynatrac Serious Performance Extreme™ Axle Set pairs the Dynatrac ProFloat XD60™ rear axle with the Dynatrac ProRock 44™ front axle for unprecedented durability and strength, and with more ground clearance than any other axle housings in their class. Never before have these two axles been available as a package set, taking Confidence to Explore® to a new level.


Uniting the ProFloat XD60 rear axle with the ProRock 44 front axle in one package means the Dynatrac Serious Performance Extreme Axle Set provides customers with the ultimate in off-road performance while letting them retain the factory 5-lug bolt pattern. This provides a notable cost savings, and additionally, customers may not need to replace the front driveshaft, which can cost between $700-1,000. There are also various options available to customize the Dynatrac Serious Performance Extreme Axle Set, including a choice of gear ratio and ARB Air Lockers.


The ProFloat XD60 rear axle was engineered to provide the strength of a full-float rear axle, but without the heavy weight – it’s up to 100 pounds lighter than many full-float axles. It features an advanced-technology housing that virtually eliminates flange bending, even with tires up to 40 inches in diameter. The ProFloat XD60 also features the Dynatrac-exclusive patented ProRock® nodular-iron, ProRock XD60 center section. With 4.0-inch-diameter, variable wall thickness, lightweight, chromoly tubing, the ProFloat XD60 has the highest strength-to-weight ratio compared to any other light-truck axle on the market.


The ProRock 44 front axle features 60-class 35-spline (35-spline is only available with ARBs) inner axleshafts and 1480 axle joints – these are the same sized shafts and joints used on the Dynatrac ProRock 60 axles for decades – making this the strongest 44-class axle available for the Wrangler JL and Gladiator. It also gives these Jeeps the largest steering joint available in a 44-class axle. The OEM front-axle disconnect is replaced with a one-piece, heat-treated, chromoly axleshaft, eliminating this as a potential housing failure point during aggressive off-road driving. All ProRock 44 axle housings for the JT and JL come with 3.125-inch outside-diameter axle tubes with .500-inch wall thickness, also the same tubing used on the Dynatrac ProRock 60 axles. The axle has a rock-proof, nodular-iron Dynatrac differential cover.


The ProRock 44 for the JL is available in the correct width for Sport and Sahara models, and there is a wider version matching the OE Rubicon model width.


For more than 30 years, Dynatrac has been the industry leader in high-performance axle and drivetrain assemblies. Products are designed using the finest materials, processes and engineering available, and are backed by the best service and warranty in the business. From complete replacement ProRock axle assemblies to high-quality replacement and upgrade components, Dynatrac is committed to delivering the best performance, reliability and quality possible, providing Confidence to Explore.


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