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7 SEO Tips for Auto Performance Shops

Feature   |   Posted: 02/25/2021
Posted by: Motorhead Digital

No matter how big or small you consider your business in the grand scheme of things, you can gain some serious traction on search engine results by implementing some basic SEO on your website.

By Barry Alt


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t just for the big players in the industry!

No matter how big or small you consider your business in the grand scheme of things, you can gain some serious traction on search engine results by implementing some basic SEO on your website.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is a marketing technique that focuses on getting visitors to your website from organic search engine results (i.e. not the ads you pay for).

Essentially, websites are judged by search engines on a number of criteria – all of which boils down to user friendliness and relevance. SEO works to improve your website based on those judgement criterias. By making the search engines happier – you’ll rank higher in their results and get more visitors to your site.

What Are The Benefits of SEO for Businesses in the Auto Industry?

Last year, 78% of online buying decisions made in the US began by using a search engine.

Internationally, over 40,000 searches are made every second, with 3.5 billion searches made every single day. That’s a massive base of potential customers.

SEO gives small businesses the tools to compete with big players in the industry, while being much cheaper than paid advertising.

SEO can help give your company a status of expertise and reliability across the whole country, if it’s done well. In this industry reputation can make or break a business.

7 SEO Tips to Help You Dominate the Search Engines

1. Update Your Website With QUALITY Content

The most effective way to update your website is to blog regularly on a weekly/monthly basis. Google prefers websites with a regular blogging schedule.

It prefers original writing (that isn’t copied word for word from a competing site) that people like reading.

The more time people spend on your site reading your most recent blog, the more Google likes your website and the higher a ranking it will give it in search results.

High quality content isn’t limited to a few blog posts – your title tags, meta descriptions and image names should be relevant and useful too. You’ll get a higher rank for related search terms if your website is helpful for your visitors.

2. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

With the majority of people now using their mobile devices to access the internet (that’s an amazing 94% of us here in the US), your site needs to be easy to use, no matter what device your visitors use.

Traditional desktop websites can translate poorly to mobile devices. Your website isn’t user friendly if visitors need to actively zoom in or pinch to read your content. If users get annoyed by your website they’ll leave for one that works.

Google tracks the number of users that leave your site quickly, and calls it your bounce rate. For Google a high bounce rate means that your website is inefficient and hard for people to use. What does this mean? A low rank in their search results.

Do you know if you’re mobile friendly? Google lets you check free of charge here

3. Have A Google My Business Account & Optimize It

Local SEO is a very effective way to capitalize on potential customers in your area. A good (and free!) way to do this is to claim your Google My Business account and use it to your full advantage.

When you have Google My Business account, if someone in your locality searches for what you do – you’ll appear as a local business that can help them with what they want. If they look at a map of their local area on Google, you’ll show up on that map as a business near them.

The best thing about it? Setting up a basic profile only takes ten minutes at most.

Once your profile’s set up, make the most of it by:

  • Posting some high quality images that are relevant to your business
  • Entering your business hours
  • Giving a helpful and compelling summary of what you offer
  • Linking your social media accounts to your site
  • Getting satisfied clients and customers to leave positive reviews…

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Barry is the founder of Motorhead Digital, providing signature Marketing Maximizer™ programs specifically developed for auto restoration, performance and restyling shops. These programs are geared towards customer acquisition and conversion to keep those project bookings coming. With over 23 years of experience in digital marketing and web development, Barry’s goal is to help clients market and grow their shops through strategic marketing practices. You can reach him at (585) or online at


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