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Behind the scenes with Leah and Brian Gall at FinishLine Design

Feature   |   Posted: 12/21/2021
Posted by: SATA by Dan-AM Co.

FinishLine Design, also known as FinishLine Custom Paint is the home to airbrush artist Leah Gall, and her husband Brian Gall.

Brian does the body and paint work, including all the detailed graphics, candies, and amazing clearcoat work on these award-winning motorcycle paint jobs.  Leah, does the amazing artwork with airbrushes and paint brushes, but also adds a lot of influence on choosing colors that go great together to produce very high-quality paint jobs on everything from motorcycles, planes, boats, cars, appliances and canvas.  You name it, they have painted it.

The shop is very unique.  Located in the country outside of the small town of Corcoran, MN, west of the Twin Cities.  They restored an old barn on their home property and turned it into their shop, which is full of character.  So you may find Brian or Leah out in the shop at all hours of the night or day.

When not in the shop, Leah is also often found working with her herd of sheep, or tending to the many chickens that free range around the homestead.  Leah’s love for nature often shows up in her work.  She is famous for some incredible paintings of eagles.  Brian and Leah are also very patriotic, and many of their paintings end up showing off their love of the USA and the flag.  If you have ever stopped by the SATA SEMA booth, you probably met Leah and Brian Gall there or had the chance to watch her airbrush.

“I’ve been working with SATA since the early 2000’s, we love the company, we are very happy to be part of the SATA family,” says Leah Gall.

We recently took a trip to their shop, and talked to them about projects they were working on.  But we also were there to shoot video of Leah as she had just finished up the design for the latest SATA Special Edition gun.

Ten years ago Leah designed a very popular special edition named the Heart & Soul.  That vibrant tattoo design is still one of the favorites of SATA spray gun collectors around the world.  On the 10-year anniversary, SATA asked Leah to do a new special edition.  She created the True Soul on the SATAjet® X 5500, which was just released on September 14, 2021 around the world.  The new design shows many of her passions from eagles to Koi fish, dragons to motorcycle motors, and carefully blends in great colors.  The face of the gun is deeper and bluer in tone, the back side of the gun is softer colors leaning more towards the green color.  This spray gun is a must have for collectors.

Leah showed us how she sprayed portions of the art for the gun, and also how she used an XP 10 tablet to complete the design.  With the addition of the tablet, it opens many new doors to help Leah and Brian come up with many new designs.  We can’t wait to see what comes next from FinishLine Design.

Look them up on Facebook at Finishline Design Inc, or on Instagram @brian_finishlinecustompaint

Written by Tony Larimer, Dan-Am Company

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