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Bolt-in G-Machine Chassis for ’65-’67 Chevy Full Size B-Body

New Product   |   Posted: 11/08/2018
Posted by: InGear Media


One of the best things about the 1965-1967 full size Chevys is that they were available with a big block. These full size cars needed all the power they could get but when it came to handling a corner or quick lane change, they’d sway and wander about. Schwartz Performance can fix all of those handling woes with their new bolt-in G-Machine Chassis.

The Schwartz G-Machine Chassis will roll right in place of your 50+ year-old B-Body chassis and fit directly to the factory mount locations. No body modifications are required to bolt-in the new foundation for your big Chevy and you’ll instantly update the stance, overall ride and handling the car.

The G-Machine Chassis is formed with a pair of heavy duty mandrel bent rectangular steel main frame rails to provide a robust foundation. The updated front suspension includes needle bearing supported A-arms for smooth bind-free movement along with separate caster and camber adjustments. Extra-long coilovers have been positioned at each corner to improve the handling and overall ride quality of the car.

The rear suspension consists of a triangulated four-bar system with bind free, Teflon-lined spherical rod-ends coupled to a full-floating Moser 9-inch rear end. The standard brake package includes a set of 13” 6-piston Wilwoods up front with 4-piston calipers in the rear. If you want even more stopping power, we offer a number of 14” and 15” upgrades.

The G-Machine Chassis is designed to welcome nearly any GM drivetrain and features an adjustable transmission mount. In fact, Schwartz can supply any engine you’re looking for, from a 2016 LT1/4, LS or even an old school small or big block!  Go to to start building a chassis for your full size Chevy!

Engineered to bolt to the factory body mounts with no body mods required
Lighter, yet stronger, with reduced flex for a solid base to support high power
Designed with the longest coilovers in the industry (16.5” and 14.5”) to deliver the best ride
Full floating 9-inch rear end is supplied with a new third member and Truetrac posi unit
Splined sway bars with billet arms in bind free nylon bushings, assure the flat cornering and a smooth ride.

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