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Built-to-Order 4L60/65/70E Transmissions

New Product   |   Posted: 12/11/2018
Posted by: InGear Media


When you’re building a performance muscle machine or street rod, you don’t want to settle for an off-the shelf automatic transmission. To finish your drivetrain right, you need a transmission custom built for your car or truck and Gearstar is ready to build you the right transmission.

One of the most popular GM automatic swaps today is a fully electronic 4L60E or 4L65E and Gearstar can build one to fit your needs. However, when you’re looking for a trans that will support up to 650 hp, Gearstar recommends the stronger 4L70E. The 4L70E fits in place of the 60E yet is capable of handling more power and torque, especially when Gearstar is finished with it.

The Gearstar Level 4 4L70E is upgraded with a 300M input and output shaft along with a high capacity pump with durable Torrington bearings. A hardened sun gear shell and drum are fit with premium Kolene clutch packs and a special carbon-fiber 2-4 band is integrated.

One of the most important upgrades is an important upgrade to the gear ratios of first and second gear. Originally, first gear is at 3.06 but a huge drop in rpm takes place shifting to the 1.63 ratio of second gear. Gearstar updates first and second to a much closer ratio of 2.84/1.55 to keep the engine in the power band combined with a longer pull through the first two gears.

Each transmission is built by one tech from start to finish and is finished with a new YANK Converter specifically built to match your needs. To ensure quality, each trans is dyno tested to the equivalent of 100 miles before being shipped!

  • Level 4 4L70E transmission is capable of supporting up to 650 hp and ft-lbs
  • Updated first and second gear ratios keep the engine in the power band (2.84/1.55 ratios compared to the OE 3.06/1.63)
  • Six-pinion planetary assembly is blue printed for strength and endurance
  • Shipped complete with a custom YANK Converter, extra capacity oil pan and speed sensor
  • Quality and performance backed by a 36 month warranty and outstanding support

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