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Classic pickups have that undeniable charm

Build Thread   |   Posted: 10/30/2020
Posted by: SATA by Dan-AM Co.

The saying, “Everything happens for a reason” rings true for Wayne Volkart, Repair Dept Manager at Dan-Am Company, the exclusive distributor of SATA in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

“At SEMA 2018 I was talking with Jon Kosmoski about getting back into restoring vehicles. Kosmoski passed that information onto his friend, Skip Chance, who immediately started searching,” said Volkart. “So in early December 2019 when I got the call about a ‘37 Chevy truck for sale, it was a dream come true, everything fell exactly into place. I always thought the ‘37 Chevy had such a cool look to it, especially the classic lines of the front end.”   

The truck was in good shape, no rust at all. Volkart took everything down to bare metal and didn’t break a single bolt in the process.  It took him three months of nights, weekends and some time off work to get “Wendy” completed, and this restoration took its toll on him. He put all of his energy, determination and love into this restoration, and with the support of his family he saw it through.

The entire vehicle was painted with a SATAjet® 5000 B PHASERTM RP and primed, painted and cleared using Sikkens by AkzoNobel. Volkart started with an original Honda color and played around with toners until he found the color he liked.  “Everyone tells me it looks like a root beer barrel” he said. “In the shade the color is a nice, clean deep brown, but in the sun I love to watch those pearls dance.”

When car shows are back up and running, keep a look out for “Wendy”.

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