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Easily Correct Your Fuel Gauge with Fuellink

New Product   |   Posted: 02/06/2020
Posted by: Classic Instruments


Having an inaccurate fuel gauge is no fun. It can add stress to your trip and even worse, leave you stranded on the side of the road!

It used to be that you'd have to drop the tank, pull the sending unit and check the resistance to make sure it was compatible with your gauge. Classic Instruments has a better solution with their new Fuel-Link. This compact device acts an interface between your short sweep fuel gauge and the sending unit to correct mis-matched applications.

The unit is preset to work with eight common fuel sender resistance curves, or you can custom calibrate it to your own application. The Fuel-Link is easy to install and has an on-board push button for simple calibration. Another nice feature is that the output signal to the gauge is dampened with an averaging software to ensure a steady pointer, even on un-baffled tanks or rough roads. Plus there is an optional low fuel light warning that will come on when you reach an 1/8 tank or less.

There's no excuse to be cruising with an inaccurate fuel gauge thanks to CI and their Fuel-Link!


  • Programs with a push button for quick setup.
  • Optional low fuel light trigger at 1/8 of a tank.
  • Signal dampening ensures a steady fuel pointer.
  • No need to remove the fuel tank to swap fuel senders.
  • Works with nearly every sender and gauge combination.
  • Easy electrical connectivity with the labeled wire terminals.
  • Compact size with mounting holes for easy under-dash installation. Unit measures 3″ x 2″ x 1.5″

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