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FiTech Offers Master Kit/Ignition Rebate up to $200!

Press Release   |   Posted: 05/29/2020
Posted by: InGear Media


If you've been pondering about making the move to fuel injection, now is the time! FiTech is offering instant rebates on their Master Kit with Ignition Systems up to $200!

The FiTech Master Kits come with everything you need to complete your swap including the EFI system, fuel system and even their new Go-Spark CD Ignition system. There are a number of kits available ranging from their Classic Black throttle body to their new Port Fuel systems. The rebate is available through the 4th of July - so act fast!

For more info and details, go to or drop them a note at [email protected] (or the old fashioned way, 951-340-2624)

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