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New Product   |   Posted: 08/04/2018
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Strengthens Commitment to Offer Complete Performance Fuel Tuning Products

WINTER PARK, FLA (8/1/2018) – What better way to celebrate a business’s first year anniversary than with a brand acquisition? In conjunction with its first year anniversary, GET’M Garage is proud to announce that it has acquired the MaxJet® brand from Memphis, Tennessee based Comp Performance Group.


“The move is a perfect fit for our business, especially with the launch of our Phillips headed jet,” comments Trevor Wiggins, GET’M Garage co-owner. “Adding the MaxJet® brand to our product line enhances our ability to provide our customers with the most complete offering of performance fuel tuning products.”


“Look for the MaxJet® brand to differentiate and expand in the coming months,” adds Wiggins. “In addition to the traditional MaxJet® ‘hex’ jet, we will be incorporating MaxJet® Phillips jets and MaxJet® Junior jets to the brand.”


American-based production is at the heart of GET’M Garage, and MaxJet® products will continue to be “Made in the U.S.A.,” produced from virgin brass and precision machined. Each MaxJet® is reamed to a precise size, with a tolerance of 0.0004 inch held on each jet. MaxJet® sizes are easily crossed-over from other manufacturers’ jets and are available for all fuel applications.

About GET’M Garage

Launched in August 2017 and led by Trevor Wiggins and Mike Laws, GET’M Garage is run by a team of experienced race and performance enthusiasts committed to delivering high quality carburetor and tuning products hand-in-hand with exceptional customer service.


GET’M Garage’s “Made in the USA” products include:

  • The Twin Blade Carburetor™ Series – a revolutionary, patented line of carburetors, with the ability to flow from 650 CFM to more than 1600 CFM – more than any other 4150-style carburetor on the market. Its unique “Twin Blades” provide optimal flow and signal, while its small size and lightweight design (seven pounds lighter than most 4150-style carburetors) result in huge increases in power output.
  • The Titan™ Metering Block Series – GET’M Garage’s innovative metering block – a never-before-seen design featuring a high flow, low resistance emulsion system, multi-adjustable air and fuel feeds, main well and cross channel sizes from 0.120 inches to over 0.300 inches. In addition, the “Titan” is available in two or three circuit mode for optimal tuning and compatible with stock gaskets, bolts, etc. These “breakthrough” blocks are a professional carburetor builder’s dream.
  • Carburetor Parts & Fuel System Components – Billet machined main bodies, throttle plates, throttle bodies, racer friendly two-piece fuel bowls, various racing carburetor parts, EFI throttle bodies and fittings are just some of the products available.
  • Piston Cooling System – an ideal component for all race engines – particularly those using crankcase vacuums, nitrous, turbos, superchargers, Pro chargers, etc. Even progressive naturally aspirated drag, oval and sprint car engine builders find power and added reliability with the GET’M Garage patented Piston Cooling System.
  • MaxJet® – Produced from virgin brass and precision machined, each MaxJet® is reamed to a precise size, with a tolerance of 0.0004 inch held on each jet. MaxJet® sizes are easily crossed-over from other manufacturers’ jets and are available for all fuel applications.  Available in Hex and Phillips headed jets and adjustable air bleeds.

Be sure to stop by the GET’M Garage booth (#7085) at this year’s PRI Show December 6-8, 2018 in Indianapolis, IN. The booth is located just outside the Green Hall closest to the Aisle 100 entrance.


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