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JE Forged Pistons for Vintage, Air-Cooled Porsches

New Product   |   Posted: 02/05/2019
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JE Forged Pistons for Vintage, Air-Cooled Porsches



  • Patented skirt coating
  • accumulator grooves
  • Double-broach pin oilers
  • contact-reduction grooves
  • Full-round 2618 aluminum forging
  • 3D under-crown milling



Product Description:

JE’s new forged pistons for vintage, air-cooled Porsches bring strength, reliability, and modern design to the table. They are machined from 2618 aluminum and have a host of cutting-edge performance features. With upgraded wrist pins, accumulator grooves, double-broach pin oilers, 3D under-crown milling, and JE’s patented skirt coating, they leave stock pistons in the dust.

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