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Kuzin’s Kustom Body & Paint swears by SATA for a perfect ‘Kustom’ paint job

Press Release   |   Posted: 10/30/2020
Posted by: SATA by Dan-AM Co.


Bill “Elvis” Stull
Owner, Kuzin’s Kustom Body & Paint

Polonia, WI

29 years in business
SATA user for 19 years

When Bill Stull started his business in 1991 the conventional spray gun was the typical siphon-fed spray gun. Everyone had them and used them, so it was “the” gun to use. As the year 2000 approached, Stull heard more and more about gravity-fed spray guns. “When at first I was asked about gravity guns, I said I would never switch… LOL,” Stull said. “Then the more I heard about the gravity-fed guns, the more I was intrigued by them.”

What he liked was that they used less paint, they were more efficient and the atomization had greatly improved. “That got me interested,” Stull said. “I called my paint supplier and he told me they were putting on a clinic. So I went, and they were featuring SATA spray guns — a new name at the time to me.”

After that class he was hooked. Stull ordered a SATAjet NR95 HVLP, used it for a very long time and still has it to this day.

Stull chooses SATA because over the years SATA has always improved their guns. They are always on the leading edge of technology, which appeals to every painter. Stull says that over the last 19 years using SATA has increased his profit, made spraying easier and the tech support is second to none.

When Stull started using SATA spray guns he immediately noticed less paint usage and less overspray in the booth. As a shop owner, he knew it was saving dollars. “Other spray gun companies have tried to come through the door, but I have exclusively used SATA since 2000,” Stull said.

The SATAjet 100 B F RP is his go-to spray gun from primer surfacer, urethane to high build primer. “My SATAjet 100 B P works great for polyester primer and heavy flake ‘kustom’ jobs,” Stull said.

Also in his spray gun lineup is the newest SATAjet X 5500 series spray gun and the SATAjet 1500 B SoLV, he loves the way these guns handle metallic, fine or course, and they “fan” out the blends so they’re invisible. He uses these for all of his paint and clear work. He praises that when it comes down to clear, picture a sheet of glass as that is how good they spray! Stull also does a lot of ‘kustom’ paint jobs, so pearls and kandy he has no problem spraying. Both guns meet his high demands to achieve the desired color effects and uniform material distribution. Every job looks great!

“I could not be happier with my SATA spray guns,” Stull said. “So, if you are looking for profit, paint savings, easy application and an excellent tech support, SATA spray guns are for you!”

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