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LS Classic Series “Distributor” Kit by Lokar

New Product   |   Posted: 06/10/2020
Posted by: Lokar Performance Products


Knoxville, TN - If you want to top off your vintage appearing LS swap then look no further than Lokar’s new LS Classic Series Distributor and Plug Wire Set. They start with a set of high quality, 7 mm, Kevlar spiral core spark plug wires with high-temp silicone boots. The wires are 9’ long with 40 ohms of resistance per foot, giving you all the length and performance you need to remote mount your coils, out of sight and out of mind.

The plug wires first connect to the coils and then pass through the hollow cast aluminum distributor body that is bolted to the engine’s valley plate, and then to the spark plugs for an authentic nostalgic look.

The LS Classic Distributor kit includes the plug wires with pre-installed 90 degree coil boots, straight unterminated spark plug boots (plug wire crimpers are needed to complete the installation), 90 degree distributor boots, distributor housing, cap, and terminals. Lokar also says the plug wires can be purchased separately.

NOTE: Distributor Kits will NOT work with stock Gen IV valley plates (and other) with a raised oil pressure sensor boss

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