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Midwest Muscle Car Challenge day 1 at the Forgeline Hot Lap Challenge

Event Coverage   |   Posted: 05/21/2018
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Participants started lining up at the entrance of Putnam Park Raceway Friday morning at 6:00 AM.  As always, the event started with safety instructions and then we were ready to race.  The field is divided by experiecne into 3 groups... novice, intermediate and advanced.  Each driver in the novice group is assigned an instructor to ride along and give coaching.  The main objective of this event is to make sure everyone has a great time with an emphasis on safety.  There is truly something for every level of driver here as the advanced group had speeds in excess of 130 mph on the straightaway.


Lined up ready to unload.

The cars starting to come alive.

Getting instructions for the event.

Bob Bertelsen's "Green Mamba"

Some of the Bowler Performance crew.

Heading out on the track.

Mark Bowler and Tom Farrington

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