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MSD Releases Atomic Billet Fuel Rails and LS/LT Atomic AirForce Intake Manifolds in Black & Gray

New Product   |   Posted: 07/08/2019
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Holley is pleased to announce the release of MSD Atomic Billet Fuel Rails for LS1/2/6, LS7, and LT1 engines. Developed specifically for MSD AirForce Manifolds, they're available in two versions – just the fuel rails themselves or in comprehensive kits with the rails, fuel fittings, O-ring fittings, mounting brackets, and all the hardware to plumb the system. MSD Atomic Billet Fuel Rails feature a black-anodized/bright-dip finish with laser-etched logos that'll look great for years and a 5/8-inch fuel passage with the flow capacity to fuel high-horsepower applications.

MSD Atomic Billet Fuel Rails are perfect for MSD Atomic AirForce Intake Manifolds, which just came out in new colors. You can now choose between new solid black or gray logos (in addition to the traditional red). They feature unique bell-mouthed runner entrances that maximize airflow and minimize shrouding, optimizing the available plenum volume for an unobstructed flow path over opposing runners. Atomic AirForce intakes have a huge 103mm throttle bore, a two-piece configuration that makes it easy to custom-pork the intake runners, and come complete with gaskets and all the hardware for a direct bolt-on installation.

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• Atomic AirForce Intake Manifolds

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