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MSD Releases Pro Billet EFI Dual Sync Distributors & All-New Crank Trigger Distributors

New Product   |   Posted: 11/28/2018
Posted by: Holley Performance Products

Holley is pleased to announce the release of Pro Billet EFI Dual Sync Distributors and the expansion of its Crank Trigger Distributor lineup. The dual-sync designs are plug-and-play with Holley EFI systems, and the crank-trigger models include all-new versions for numerous Chevy and Ford applications.


MSD Pro Billet EFI Dual Sync Distributors are designed for use with sequential fuel-injection systems with Hall Effect crank and cam sensor inputs but are just as effective triggering TBI fuel-injection systems. Plug-and-play with Holley EFI, they provide pinpoint-precise timing control and maximum noise immunity and feature dual Hall Effect sensors and a QPQ-coated billet shutter wheel to ensure accurate timing, even at the highest RPM. Available for popular applications, they include a distributor shaft guided by a sealed ball bearing, a race-proven distributor gear, and a performance cap and rotor (for coil-per-cylinder ignition systems, a space-saving blank distributor cap is included). 


MSD has expanded its already extensive line of crank-trigger distributors to include new models for Ford and Chevy applications. Developed specifically for use with crank-trigger ignitions and MSD ignition control systems, the Ford lineup now includes models for 289-302 cubic-inch small blocks and 351C-460 cubic-inch big blocks, and all are available with either black or standard red distributor caps. Two of MSD's most popular Chevy distributors now are no longer offered only with the traditional red cap, which means there's no longer any need to throw away your perfectly good new red cap and unnecessarily buy a replacement in black to get that stealth look.

For complete product details, click the following links:

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