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New Charge and Ground Cables

New Product   |   Posted: 09/15/2021
Posted by: Powermaster Performance


You can have the highest output alternator available, but without the proper cabling to safely and efficiently carry current to the battery all that amperage is wasted. This is exactly why Powermaster now offers a full line of high quality Charge Cables to support the output capabilities of their entire alternator line.

The Powermaster Cables are made up of hundreds and even thousands of strands of pure copper wire. With the improved flow of current through these strands, more current can be transferred efficiently with less heat build up and loss. The cables meet American Wire Gauge specs and are made in the USA.

Even with the high number of strands, the wire remains very flexible so it is easier to route through the engine compartment. This flexibility is due in part to the EPDM sleeve that remains extremely durable against heat, abrasion and oils. To make the installation complete, the Cables are finished with machine crimped ring lug terminals.

Powermaster’s new Charge Cables are available in a number of gauge diameters and lengths and are ready to install out of the package. Eight to 0-gauge cables are available in lengths from 2-12 feet with a red sleeve while black cables are available in 8-0 gauge in up to 3-feet lengths.

  • Fine strands of pure, oxygen-free copper wire
  • Extremely flexible for easy routing
  • Durable sleeve designed for automotive environments
  • Available in 0-8 gauge diameters from 2-12 feet lengths
  • Hydraulically terminated eyelet terminals
  • Available in red and black sleeves

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