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NEW PRODUCT: Universal LS Engine Mount Kit

New Product   |   Posted: 03/19/2019
Posted by: Welder Series Inc.


Welder Series has added another universal engine mount to their popular line: a urethane insulated engine bracket with trim-to-fit frame plates for the LS series engine. Now you don't have to use an adapter plate to go from the LS block to a small block Chev insulator to the stock frame mount - just position the engine where you want it, measure and trim the frame plates, and weld them in!

Available fully TIG welded or as a component kit that you can weld together yourself. Includes all hardware, frame plates, bushings, and engine brackets. 1/4" engine plate with 3/16" gussets and large 1-3/4" wide Energy Suspension bushings.

Frame plates are 6" from the bolt center to the opposite end. Bolt center is 3-3/8" from where the mount sits on the block.

Fits all LS engines.

Only C$145 (U$109) + $15 shipping. Welder Series ships into the US every day - there will be no hassles and no extra fees from the UPS driver. Orders shipped to the northeast usually take about 3 days, and orders shipped to the west coast arrive in about 5 business days. Parts are in stock.

LS Engine Mounts

Shown with optional frame filler plate and steering shaft support bearing.

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