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New Vulcan Cut-Ring Head Gaskets from SCE Gaskets

New Product   |   Posted: 06/17/2019
Posted by: InGear Media

SCE  Gaskets' new Vulcan Cut-Ring Head Gaskets are designed for use in engines with high static compression, forced-induction or nitrous oxide boosted engines where typical composite or MLS head gaskets may be prone to leak combustion pressure and-or coolant. The New Vulcan Cut-Ring head gaskets are a hybrid-design which combines sealing properties of two different head gasket material types; Composite – a pliable, perforated metal-core composite gasket body for effective sealing of coolant and oil, without additional sealants, and Stainless Steel - solid stainless cut-rings ‘bite’ into the cylinder head under clamp load to form a positive barrier against combustion pressure leaks, without additional machining.

  • Engine Sealing capability exceeds:
    • 16:1 Static Compression Ratio
    • 35 Lbs. forced induction
    • 250 Shot of Nitrous Oxide
  • Unique stainless-steel cut-rings exceed combustion sealing capabilities of conventional fire rings for optimal engine horsepower and torque
  • No O-ring required
  • No cylinder head or engine block machining required
  • Special polymer coating is applied to head gasket body, critical areas incorporate silicone beading to improve sealing around water and oil passages
  • No additional sealants required


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