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Powerful New 100mm Denso Style Alternator

New Product   |   Posted: 01/03/2020
Posted by: Powermaster Performance

Powermaster Performance now offers a compact and powerful alternator that is ideal for traditional hot rods and many race cars. The new 100mm Denso style Alternator weighs in at just 6.4-pounds and delivers 75+ amps at higher rpm.

The 100mm Denso style housing is exclusive to Powermaster and will mount directly in place of the original 93mm model. The Alternator produces 35+ amps at idle with a peak of 75+ amps making it perfect for traditional rods and even many race cars. The 100mm Alternator is available with a V-belt pulley in a natural or polished finish as well as in a durable black coating without a pulley. Powermaster also offers several low mount bracket assemblies for small and big block Chevy engines as well for 9-inch and Quick Change rear ends.

  • Lightweight 100mm Denso style housing weighs less than 6.5-lbs
  • Efficient design produces 35+ amps at idle, 75+ amps at high rpm
  • One-wire connection for a clean, simple installation
  • Machined mounting points for perfect alignment and a complete ground path
  • Brackets available separately for a low, inconspicuous mount

XS Volt 100mm Denso for 12/14/16 Volt Systems

For racers running 16-volt batteries, Powermaster also offers an XS Volt version of the new 100mm Alternator. The XS Volt 100mm model features a unique Voltage Control System that allows the voltage output to be adjusted from 13.5-18.5. This feature will help racers keep their electronics at full operating voltage which is especially important for the ignition and fuel pump. Adjustments are made through an easily accessible potentiometer and this new unit is a bolt-in upgrade for the proven 93mm XS Volt Powermaster!

  Natural w/ Pulley Polished w/ Pulley Black w/o Pulley
100mm Denso Alternator 8173 28163 8163
XS Volt 100mm Denso 8174 28164 8164


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