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PowerGEN to the Rescue!

Press Release   |   Posted: 06/03/2019
Posted by: InGear Media

At a local cruise night recently we bumped into our friend Rick who usually shows up in his original ’64 Galaxie. When asked about his car, he said he didn’t have time to charge the battery. Apparently, he’s been driving around for a year or so with a dying generator and was trying to decide if he wanted to rebuild the stock generator or upgrade to an alternator.

We explained there was a better choice – a PowerGEN from Powermaster.

The PowerGEN is a bolt-in replacement for popular generators but has the inner workings of a powerful alternator! Powermaster really did their homework on this concept as the billet housing saves a load of weight and with the internals of an alternator, you don’t need to worry about watching the lights dim at stoplights or worry about running the blower or A/C in traffic. Basically you get the consistent high output current of an alternator in a stock looking housing.

Rick ordered a PowerGEN for his FE powered Galaxie and we followed along during the installation. The installation was about as straight forward a remove and replace, though we did take the time to build a heavier gauge charge wire. The PowerGEN is a one-wire design so there is no need for the original external regulator or extra wiring either.

Once installed, the results were immediate and Rick was cruising his ’64 throughout the night once again. He also commented on how bright the headlights and dash lights are now, as well as how quickly the car starts now. Stock fit and looks, enhanced charging from idle to high rpm and a few pounds of weight savings. You have to ask why it took him so long to update his Galaxie!

Powermaster also offers PowerGENs for Flatheads, Swing Mounts, Thunderbirds, Long and Short GM applications, Model-As and more!


The old generator wasn't keeping up with the basic needs of the Ford - this was even worse with the lights on.

Out with the old and ancient. In with the new!

Powermaster supplies a proof of performance tag with every unit including starters and alternators.

The charge terminal is on the back of the unit. Up top is a ground terminal and an optional output to a dash warning light

It's important to use a heavy gauge charge wire when you step up to a higher output alternator.

It's a squeeze on an old Ford, but the PowerGEN fit right in place to retain the stock looks.

We have voltage! A solid 14.4 even with the lights and blower kicking.

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