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Schwartz Performance – New Bolt-in G-Machine Chassis for ’70 – ’72 Monte Carlo

New Product   |   Posted: 01/28/2019
Posted by: InGear Media

Schwartz Performance is bringing their bolt-in G-Machine Chassis handling performance and luxury ride to first gen Monte Carlos!

When introduced in 1970, the Chevrolet Monte Carlo provided a touch of luxury and style in a mid-size platform. With their extra-long hood and classic two-door coupe styling, the cars provided a sophisticated step over the Chevelles and other mid-size GM cars. Their handling was fair at best, but by today’s standards leaves a lot to be desired.

The Schwartz G-Machine Chassis is formed with a pair of heavy duty mandrel bent rectangular steel main frame rails that will roll right in place of the stock Monte frame lining up directly to the factory body mount locations. No floor or body modifications are required!

The updated front suspension includes needle bearing supported A-arms for smooth bind-free movement along with separate caster and camber adjustments. Extra-long coilovers have been positioned at each corner to improve the handling and overall ride quality of the car. A power steering rack and splined sway bars with billet arms are provided as standard equipment.

The rear suspension consists of a triangulated four-bar system with bind-free, Teflon-lined spherical rod-ends coupled to a full-floating Moser 9-inch rear end. The rear rails are narrowed to accommodate mini-tubs and a 355 wide tire. The standard brake package includes a set of 13” 6-piston Wilwoods up front with 12” 4-piston calipers in the rear. (Upgrades to larger brakes and systems are also available.)

The G-Machine Chassis is designed to welcome nearly any Chevrolet drivetrain and features an adjustable transmission mount. In fact, Schwartz can supply any engine you’re looking for, from a 2014+ LT1/4, LS or even an old school small or big block!  Go to to start building a chassis for your first gen Monte Carlo!

  • Engineered to bolt to the factory body mounts with no body mods required
  • Lighter, yet stronger, with reduced flex for a solid base to support high power
  • Designed with the longest coilovers in the industry (16.5” and 14.5”) to deliver the best ride
  • Full floating 9-inch rear end is supplied with a new third member and Truetrac posi unit
  • Splined sway bars with billet arms and bind-free nylon bushings assure flat cornering

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