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Speedometers now available with Information Screens

New Product   |   Posted: 11/05/2019
Posted by: Classic Instruments

Classic Instruments is pleased to announce its release of an all new speedometer equipped with a digital information screen!  The information screen is now available in new 3 3/8” and 4 5/8” speedometers and all universal fit sets plus select direct-fit clusters may be upgraded to include the new speedometer.

Classic Instruments is excited to share this all-new hybrid gauge that successfully melds the nostalgic taste of analog gauges with the modern convenience of a digital readout. The new screen offers the end-user the ability to display an odometer, which “rolls” just like a traditional mechanical odometer, a digital speed readout in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour, as well as a trip meter. Additionally, the user can select whether the display uses English or Metric units and each new speedometer is equipped with a step-by-step calibration mode and enhanced diagnostic features.

These new speedometers equipped with information screens can be purchased from Classic Instruments direct or through any one of its authorized dealers.

For more information please contact Classic Instruments:

Classic Instruments
826 Moll Dr., Boyne City, MI 49712

Classic Instruments
826 Moll Drive
Boyne City, Michigan, 49712
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