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Stuck in a rut? 3 Simple Changes to Get Traction in Your Online Marketing

Feature   |   Posted: 04/07/2021
Posted by: Motorhead Digital

Take a look at these 3 simple changes you can make to your content online, social media accounts and website to help you get more traction in your online marketing.

By Barry Alt

Are you struggling to bring customers into your auto shop? Have you invested in online advertising, but not seeing much return on your investment?

You might have a great set of business cards with an impressive website ready to show off – but that doesn’t mean anything if people don’t know you exist.

So, how can you get your name out there?

How do you connect with the right people at the right time, bring more traffic to your website and get more customers through your doors?

Take a look at these 3 simple changes you can make to your content online, social media accounts and website to help you get more traction in your online marketing.

   1. Create Useful, Unique Content

If you want to gain more traction with your online marketing then you need to be able to create content that is both relevant to your industry and of value to your audience.

Digital content comes in so many forms now – you can write blog posts, create infographics, checklists – but the most popular form of content in our industry is by far video.

Get creating unique, interesting video content and see your company’s name get shared far and wide on social media.

People aren’t going to want to follow your business unless they are intrigued by what you post and talk about online. They need to see that they will gain something from the content you write and that it will benefit them in some way.

Here are a few tips on how to create content that is useful for your customers;

Know Your Audience

It sounds like something so simple but a lot of content creators fail to understand who they are talking to. This is one of the most important points when it comes to creating content that is useful for your audience, because if you don’t know who you’re talking to, how can you make it of use to them?

You need to make sure your content is relatable. This will make sure the content you create has value to your customers which will increase the amount of relevant traffic you get to your website.

Write Short Sentences

If you write long-winded sentences in your content, your audience isn’t going to read it. They will get bored quickly and not take in the information you’re providing. This means they won’t take anything away from your content and they won’t feel as though they’ve gained something from what you’ve written.

Try to write sentences that are short and sweet, it’ll help keep the attention of your audience at all times. Try to keep the vocabulary simple and don’t include any confusing jargon.

Make Text Scannable

The same as using shorter sentences, making the text more ‘scannable’ is more likely to keep your reader engaged for longer.

You can make your pieces of content scannable by;

  • Using a bulleted or numerical list instead of a long page of text
  • Adding in white space to break up your walls of text and making the content easier to read
  • Using easy-to-understand language
  • Using key points as titles

Publish In The Right Places

Ok, now you’ve got some great, unique content created – now it’s time to put it where your audience will see it.

If you’ve written a really interesting blog post, you can post it to your own website or approach a magazine that’s popular with your ideal customers.

Once you’ve got your content up and live – it’s time to promote, promote, promote.

Pro Tip: Add some images, graphs, and charts into your blog posts to help break up your post and give your content more personality.

   2. Redefine Your Social Media Strategy

Social media accounts are vital when it comes to building traction in your digital marketing. A strong social media strategy will attract customers, boost sales and help you grow your company.

Here are a few ways you can improve your social media strategy today.

Get Your Digital Footprint In Order

This is obvious to a lot of people but you’d be amazed at how many businesses don’t update crucial information on their website, social media profiles and Google My Business account.

Make sure that you keep all of your information up to date especially when it comes to having a strong social media strategy. It only takes one wrong link to lose a lot of customers which will only make it harder to bring more traffic to your website.

Keep your phone numbers and email addresses correct or you could lose out on sales…

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Barry is the founder of Motorhead Digital, providing signature Marketing Maximizer™ programs specifically developed for auto restoration, performance and restyling shops. These programs are geared towards customer acquisition and conversion to keep those project bookings coming. With over 23 years of experience in digital marketing and web development, Barry’s goal is to help clients market and grow their shops through strategic marketing practices. You can reach him at (585) or online at


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