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Vortech Superchargers Billet Mounting Bracket Assembly for LS Engines

Industry News   |   Posted: 02/23/2021
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Vortech Superchargers continues to push the limits and offer even more power options to racers with a new Billet Mounting Bracket Assembly engineered to install the respected V-30 Centrifugal Supercharger onto Chevrolet LS engines. The V-30s have proven to be the most reliable, efficient, and consistent supercharger even under the harshest racing conditions and is designed exclusively for modified performance engines that desire extreme boost. The Vortech Superchargers V-30 Mounting Bracket Assembly give drag racers and auto enthusiasts an edge over the competition. Kits range from the V-30 94A supporting 1,400+ HP up to the V-30 123A supporting up to 2,800+ HP.

LS Engine Billet Mounting Bracket Assembly - Features Include:

Billet Aluminum Twin-Plate construction, fits 4.8L thru 6.2L LS Engines

Compatible with most Aftermarket Cylinder Heads and Blocks

Dual-Bearing Billet Aluminum Idler with Flanges, Hard Anodized, Accepts up to 50mm Cog belt

Billet Anodized Water Port Assembly with -12AN fittings

Billet Aluminum, Hard Anodized, 50mm Cog Pulleys

High Grade Mounting Hardware

Part Numbers

P/N 3GZ218-010 - LS V-30 Billet Mounting Bracket Assembly - MSRP $2,733.99

P/N 4GZ218-010 - V-30 94A kit - MSRP $8,859.99

P/N 4GZ218-020 - V-30 94C kit - MSRP $9,062.99

P/N 4GZ218-050 - V-30 112A kit - MSRP $9,510.99

P/N 4GZ218-060 - V-30 123A kit - MSRP $9,675.99

Visit VORTECHSUPERCHARGERS.COM for additional info.

Vortech Engineering, an AirPower Group company, engineers efficient, high technology air management solutions for automotive, marine, industrial, aeronautical, and other motorsports applications.

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