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HIDDEN PIONEERS  is a Team Formed by the Knowledge and Vision of Transportation and Technology.  each Team Member is a Piece of History, Past, Present and Future.

The main focus is on education and the youth movement with on campus and after school programs, events, City & State functions on the evolution of transportation and technology.

Motivating youths to further their education and seek career-tech education as a possible career path may help lead them towards a path of self-sufficiency and reduce the number of out-of-school, out-of-work youths.

Young people who lack basic high school education, postsecondary education or vocational credentials face an ongoing uphill battle in the competition for work.

“Our economy, national security, and social cohesion face a precarious future if our nation fails to develop now the comprehensive policies and programs needed to help all youth. In developing these policies and programs, it is crucial to recognize the growing gap between more fortunate youth and those with far fewer advantages…. Unless we are motivated, at least in part, by our belief in young people and our sense of obligation to them, we risk losing more than we can ever hope to win.

On campus high school tours provides an interactive platform to “engage” teens directly. Find out how you can get involved with our tours!

Find out how you or your company can get involved and the opportunities available. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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