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6816 US 278
Hokes Bluff, Alabama 35903

Phone: (256) 494-5657

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.bigoakgarage.com/

ƒOur Goal is to build the highest quality automobile that we can build. Not a 1:1 scale model, but one meant for the highway; Road worthy as well as Award worthy, an Exotic work of Art whose purpose is dictated by you.ƒ

The second most common question we get asked (the most being, ƒWhat color ya gonna paint it) would be, ƒWhere did the name come from?ƒ The answer begins with an 80 acre purchase on the outskirts of the Lookout Mountain and the Appalachian Mountain ranges back in 1927. Land bought by, and still owned today, by the Posey family. The property was once home to livestock, cotton fields, and later, soybeans. All of which were positive signs pointing the two in direction of opening shop.

Eventually that day did come, and ƒBig Oak Garageƒ was the natural name of choice. Work began out of a three car garage beside Jimmyƒ's house. The garage naturally, was immediately too small, and a new shop was quickly built on the Posey land. Today, the land looks different, but that oak tree still stands. Standing as a symbol of the past and a hopeful future that has meshed together to form the present.

Keep your soul tuned to the open road, and weƒ'll meet you at the Big Oak.ƒ

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