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For over 20 years clients around the USA have relied the team at Expedition Vehicle Outfitters to build and design incredible overland, off road and marketing vehicles to facilitate incredible adventures around the US or even help tell your brand’s story. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters in Michigan passionately specializes in transforming your dreams of adventure into an amazing vehicle. Through the years Expedition Vehicle Outfitters has become a leading source for overland and off road vehicle builds, our process of consulting and quoting builds allows our client to be in complete control while truly understanding the modifications performed to their vehicle.


Expedition Vehicle Outfitters works hand in hand with leading industry brands to provide our clients the best upgrades and components available. These great relationships have lead Expedition Vehicle Outfitters to become heavily relied on by many industry brands for testing, consulting and validation of new overland/off road products.

Expedition Vehicle Outfitters specializes in many vehicle makes and models, nearly any vehicle can be upgraded making it more off road capable. Many of our clients love to travel the back country and camp out of their vehicles, Expedition Vehicle Outfitters can equip your vehicle with Roof Top Tents, Storage Racks, Off The Grid electrical power solutions and much more to make these trips much more comfortable. Just because our clients are camping and exploring the back country doesn’t mean they can’t do so with all of the modern conveniences available. If you can dream it we can do it.


-Suspension Upgrades

-Electrical System Upgrades

-Gear and Axle Upgrades including Gear Swap

-Off Road Lighting

-Off Road Bumpers, Skid Plates & Rock Sliders

-Storage Roof Racks and Organization

-Brake Upgrades

-Wheel & Tire Packages

-Full Vehicle Builds


Over the years Expedition Vehicle Outfitters has collaborated and created many marketing vehicles. From consulting and developing brand strategy to custom vehicle design, rendering and creation, Expedition Vehicle Outfitters has become a valuable tool to many leading brands in the off road and overland industry. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters is the consumer facing brand strategy specialist that leading brands have come to rely on.

-Industry Consulting

-Brand Strategy

-Custom Vehicle Design, Rendering and Creation

-Content Creation

-Product Testing & Validation

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