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Chandler, Arizona 85225

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Since 1964, Squeeg’s Kustoms has been turning out award winning hot rods and custom cars, as well as motorcycles, boats, helicopters, etc.. Squeeg’s has never resorted to production work to keep it’s doors open. Only one of a kind custom paint that sets trends and yet, remains timeless.

Today, 41 years later, Squeeg is officially “semi-retired”. However, before hanging up his guns, Squeeg taught his eager son Doug all the necessary skills to continue the tradtion that is known as Squeeg’s Kustom Paint. Doug has taken the ball (O.K., paint gun) and ran with it. Rest assured “Pops” Jerger has plenty of faith in his son’s ability.

“Soul is not just a catchy word tossed around by Squeeg’s Kustoms, it’s a word taken very seriously. Doug and every member of the Squeeg’s crew has it. You can see it in every vehicle that comes out of the shop. You can bet every member of the team is a certifiable car nut that thrives on hot rod history, tradition and most importantly, style.

The folks at Squeeg’s understand the beauty of line and the importance of balance and of course, color. You won’t find much in the way of passing fads at the shop. However, you will find Doug and the crew using the latest, state of the art materials and equipment along with all the old world craftsmen’s tools of the trade. From concept to finished reality, Squeeg’s Kustoms has the passion to get it done.

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