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Founded in 1971 Art Morrison Enterprises is focused on creating world-class performance chassis and suspension systems for 1930's-present day vehicles.

Whether you're looking for an ultra low stance or an all-out autocross warrior, AME's GT Sport A-body chassis can deliver. It includes some of the best engineering to date, and we were lucky enough to get an in-depth look. We've detailed the entire chassis and included everything you'll need to know, including AME's line of options for suspension components.

Through the years, the 64-72 A-body fame originally designed to support passenger car sheet metal from Chevelles, El Caminos, and wagons has become one of the must-have and best-known platforms around. GM asked nothing more of it than to fetch groceries and haul the family around; it was never meant to handle the serious demands of auto crossing with substantial rubber underneath. It has quickly developed into one of the most popular foundations for performance. While the aftermarket is fat with new bolt-on components for aging A-body frames, Art Morrison Enterprises (AME) has been evolving and looking ahead; completely redesigning GM's most popular midsize sedan frame from the ground up.




  • MAXG Chassis
  • Straight & Profile Frames
  • Convertible Frames
  • Long Wheel Base Frame
  • Morrison Super Car
  • Air Spring Frames
  • Frame Rails
  • Trucks


  • Tri5 Chassis
  • 47-53 Truck Chassis
  • 49-54 Chevrolet
  • 53-62 Corvette
  • 64-72 Abody


  • Multilink IRS
  • C6/C7 Corvette
  • Brakes
  • Cross Markers
  • Roll Bars & Cages
  • Rear Ends
  • Front Clips
  • Rear Clips
  • Rear Suspension Kits
  • Track Location Devices


  • Alignment Specs
  • Clips
  • Full Frame Vehicles
  • UNI-body Cars
  • Trucks
  • Roll Bar & Cages
  • Housing & Axles
  • Determining Track Width


  • Assembly Manuals
  • Brake Instructions
  • Engine & Transmission Mounts
  • Front Suspension
  • Rear Suspension
  • Roll Cages
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