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We specialize in developing quality products that are bolt on ready with little or no modifications needed. Wagler Competition Products provides customers with a large selection of customized diesel performance parts as well as a complete line of aftermarket products.

Wagler Competition Products is the developer of the first Aftermarket Duramax Cylinder Head. This head has a unique port design that allows for better airflow and greater horsepower. These Heads are assembled with: Stainless steel intake valves, Inconel exhaust valves, Bronze valve guides, Heat treated ductile seats, and Competition valve springs with titanium retainers. The casting was also designed to incorporate Injector Cups for the LB7. The valve centerline is relocated to allow for larger valve sizes. Casted from virgin A356 aluminum alloy and designed to bolt directly on to the factory Duramax engine block. The Wagler Competition heads have shown Horsepower and performance gains. The heads are offered in bare casting, street series (S-series) or competition series (X-series) assemblies.

Owner, Jeremy Wagler has always been in the automotive field, and has a true passion for the world of diesel. After owning an automotive repair shop for ten years, he pursued his dream of developing an aftermarket cylinder head for a well-known diesel engine. In 2011, Wagler Competition Products was established when he successfully made that dream a reality with the development of an aftermarket cylinder head for the Duramax engine. From that point to the present, Wagler Competition products continues to research and develop factory bolt-on performance parts for various diesel engines. Wagler Competition Products is one of the few facilities able to offer all in-house services. We have the capability of taking a bare head casting to a complete engine build then to the final stage of dyno testing all in-house. For more information call us


  • Duramax Cylinder Heads – Aftermarket Heads designed to bolt directly onto the factor Duramax engine block.
  • Water to Air Intakes – Eliminate the need for a mess of pipes that is normally associated with an air to air intercooler.
  • Engine Hard Core Parts – We offer a wide selection of aftermarket products and performance Products.
  • Pushrods – Harden Treated 4130 Chromoly, high stress and extreme spring pressures, heavy wall and tapered.

Note: Our Project section is currently being rebuilt. We expect to have it completed this December. In the meantime, contact us directly regarding ordering or product information.

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