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10885 May Chapel Road
Lawrenceville, IL 62439

Phone: (618) 943-4856

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://bowlertransmissions.com/

Complete line of custom transmissions, parts and accessories. We are a Tremec Elite distributor and the leader in custom automatic transmission.

Get the right transmission the first time. We are one of the most trusted names in the performance transmission industry. Call us today and we will help you pick out a transmission best suited to your needs.

Whether it is for Pro-touring, street rod, muscle car, a pass down the strip, or extreme custom ride, we can create the perfect transmission package. When you fill out our tech sheet we can determine what options will best fit your needs.

We also offer a variety of case finishes. You can choose from; custom painted, powder coated, polished, chrome plated or prepared for you to apply your own finish. Our attention to this detail allows you to focus on other parts of the custom build.

Although the transmission is not one of the more visible or thought about components when building your hot rod, don't forget its importance in getting the power under the hood to the tires on the ground. We appreciate the trust of our customers and hope you'll take the time to consider a Bowler Performance Transmission for your next ride.

We specialize in transmission rebuilding. Our quality is second to none. Each transmission is completely rebuilt using the best parts available. All transmissions are updated to perform and outlast the original design.

Bowler Performance is proud to announce that they have complete packages for your ride. Both 5 & 6 speed manual packages as well as automatic kits. We have everything you will need. Many kits already available, we will be releasing new kits as needed. Please call for availability and pricing.

Bowler Performance Transmission got its start in 1963 as a small transmission shop serving the local community. When the business was passed down from Father to Son the quality and service remained but the target customers grew to include the custom and show car enthusiasts.

We custom tailor our transmission to fit your vehicle specifications. It is our belief that the same attention to detail that goes into building the perfect machine should also apply to its driving force, the transmission. We base all of our transmission on foot pound of torque rating rather than. We start by offering a mock-up transmission to build your Rod around so that when it's time for final assembly you can be sure everything fits perfectly.

We have Tru-Fit conversion kits with the Tremec TKX, TKO, T-56 Magnum and many popular automatic overdrive transmissions.

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