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16 Commerce Ave
Hueytown, Alabama 35023

Phone: 205-428-2169

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Website: http://www.goolsbycustoms.com/

We started officially in 2005, the history of quality workmanship and cutting edge designs started long before that. Jonathan Goolsby has been customizing anything he could get his hands on for more than twenty years. We began at home in the garage then as the head painter for the local Chevrolet dealership for more than twelve years. During this time many friendships were born and many custom cars built for both a growing customer base as well as many for his personal vehicles.  In late 2004 the allure of owning their own business along with the realization that in order to continue to "up the ante" on their quality of craftsmanship Jonathan and Vonda Goolsby decided to jump with both feet in and open Goolsby Customs. They have worked together along with a talented staff of employees to to build a strong customer base that is growing everyday along with a level of excellence that is hard to find in this industry.

The Goolsby Customs staff continues to travel to shows across the country to showcase their customers cars as well as keep up on the current trends in build styles. If you see someone at a show with a Goolsby Customs shirt on, stop them and say hello and we will be more than happy to tell you more about us or just sit and talk cars for a while. Locally we do a lot of work for other shops including paint and body and fabrication so even if you are not looking for a full build or you have your own shop we would still love to help whenever we can.

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