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TREMEC specializes in the design and production of torque transfer solutions for the automotive, agricultural, industrial and military industries. The portfolio of products includes manual and automated manual transmissions, dual clutch transmissions, gears, shafts, clutches, synchronizers, and mechatronic systems with integrated clutch systems and control software.

When founded in 1964, the company focused on manufacturing robust manual transmissions for rear-wheel drive passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles. Today, TREMEC is uniquely positioned to serve markets demanding innovative products with outstanding performance and economics.

TREMEC's products solve key challenges faced by the powertrain industry, including mandates for increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, lower weight, and compact size. Its technology answers the industry's stringent requirements for reliability, cost, and ease-of-use  while providing fun-to-operate characteristics.

TREMEC serves its global client base with facilities in four countries and employs over 1,400 associates.

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