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I’m happy you have an interest in Auto Enthusiast Network. AEN is a place dedicated to stunning car photography. I’ve always loved cars and photography, they have always been a part of my life.

I designed AEN to be a place where anyone has a chance to showcase his or her vehicle, no matter who else likes it. For too long, the automotive media has chased the money of crazy high-dollar builds. There is nothing wrong with that, some of those cars are stunning and push the envelope of ingenuity. But, it is the average hobbyist who keeps the industry running — and the real DIY enthusiast is being forgotten. Much the way NASCAR ignored its fanbase long ago to chase corporate sponsorships, the automotive media is showcasing cars that are unattainable to most to appease advertisers. Now with the collapse of the automotive print industry, your chance of getting your car featured is even slimmer.

AEN is my answer to help the true auto enthusiast get their car noticed. No vehicle is off-limits — domestic, import, exotic, street rod, hot rod, kustom, muscle car, rat rod, drag car, road race car, drift car, donk, or demolition car — I don’t care! It’s YOUR car, YOUR pride and joy, built the way YOU want it, and you deserve the ability to show it off.

I chose the word “network” in the title for a reason. My mission is to create a cooperative network of grassroots auto enthusiasts who can help each other. I also want to create a network of photographers, videographers, and writers from across the nation who can showcase their talent regardless of the type of car at their disposal.

Working together, we can all benefit. One of my mentors always used the saying, “A rising tide floats all boats.” I think it is a good analogy for my plans for AEN. Documenting your vehicle with photography, videography, and editorial on a national website builds our collective portfolios. It gives a place to show off the talents of all involved. Should you go looking for parts discounts or even sponsorship, it adds credibility to the build. It can even help to document it for insurance purposes.

You spend a lot of money, time, and effort on your car. This is your opportunity to showcase it the way you want, and we’re here to help. Contact us today to talk about your car and let’s schedule a shoot. What are you waiting for? C’mon and get in the network!

Shawn Brereton

Owner, Editor, Photographer, Enthusiast

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