Pro-Touring is a style of classic muscle car with enhanced suspension components, brake system, drive train, and aesthetics, including many of the amenities of a new performance car.

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UMI Performance Shop Tour: How Suspension Parts Are Built

Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, is a small town in the center of the state with a population of 2,770 people in 1,512 houses. Smaller than most small towns, but there seems to be an abundance of talent. Two-time NFL Pro Bowl Oakland Raider’s Long snapper/Defensive End Jon Condo and MLB St. Louis Cardinal’s First Baseman Matt Adams are both graduates of the only high school in town.

Behind the Rotor: Building A Brake Kit With Wilwood

When adding more power to a car, increasing performance on the road course or building a killer show car, braking upgrades are mandatory. There are ways to jury-rig braking upgrades on classic cars, but using a carefully engineered aftermarket kit designed to suit the specific needs of the intended purpose (road, drag, street or show) is the best choice.

How to Install a Lokar Pedal Set

It's always interesting how one aspect of a project affects another. Deciding to slap a supercharger on our LS327 engine is a great example of this, though probably a bit on the exaggerated side. Obviously, our plans of using a simple four-barrel carb and intake were out the door, as was the plan to keep it simple with only a small ECU to control the timing. One thing led to another and here we are setting up a drive-by-wire throttle pedal and throttle body.

Install a 1969-1970 Dakota Digital VHX Cluster

If you're in a funk over the gloomy nature of factory Mustang instruments, Dakota Digital has something exciting called VHX Series instrumentation for classic Mustang instrument bezels. VHX is a cool analog retrofit instrument system you can install in your '65-'70 Mustang in a matter of hours. The nice thing about Dakota Digital's VHX system is that no cutting or modifications are required. You don't even have to cut into your Mustang's factory wiring harness.

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