1975 Chevrolet C-10 – O’L Blue

Vehicle Quick Facts

Profile ID: 62127
Year: 1975
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C-10
Markets: Classic & Antique, Driven Daily, Performance, Pro Touring, Rod & Custom
Vehicle Type: American
Contact: Andrew Burns



Vehicle Story

When I was about 9 years old, I liked helping my dad with his HVAC business.
Little did I know that doing so, would result in something so beautiful.

So one day, me and my dad go on a call to look at an HVAC system for one of his customers.

The only way to the system was through the garage, and there she was, O’L Blue, It was love at first sight.

The entire time we were there I couldn’t stop thinking about the pretty old truck sitting in the garage. I begged my dad to ask her if it was for sale and sadly she said no.

As we got ready to leave she stopped us and told my dad If she ever decided to sell it, she’d call us first.

15 years later and the call comes. I’m in shock, I can’t believe she’s actually ready to sell!!

Present day and I finally have my dream truck and now I get to focus on bringing her back to her former glory.

Hoping to meet new friends, make new memories and have a blast while doing it!

Thanks for reading and looking forward to teaming up with some amazing companies and making great things happen.

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