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The American Hot Rod Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting, and celebrating the history of hot rodding in all its forms. Whether you're a hard core hot rodder or someone interested in researching the early days of this uniquely American phenomenon, we hope you'll find our ever-growing archive of photographs and film and audio interviews both a useful tool and an entertaining look into a fascinating and colorful world.

Through education and exposure to the unique circumstances, elements, and people that came together to produce this thing called hot rodding, we hope to spread the word that what was first thought to be a delinquent's form of rebellion has ultimately shaped our society much for the better. Such things as technology, music, and fashion, have all been affected by this movement, and the innovations made by these "kids" are things we all use every day in our lives and especially our daily transportation.

Nearly 15 years ago we began our Hot Rod Pioneers film interview project and it is something we're particularly proud of. Every interview is special to us and we are honored that these legends of the past and present have been willing to sit down and share their time and stories. We hope you'll enjoy sampling some of these interviews and going back in time to hear how it really was from the very people who were there.

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